Curry Prawns Regular Pack

Curry Prawns Regular Pack `170
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  • Regular Pack of IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) Curry Prawns
  • Net weight 200 gm
  • Quantity: 34 to 38 pieces in a Pack
  • These prawns are delivered at your doorstep.

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These small sized Prawns come in a pack of 200gm which has 34-38 pieces. They are completely cleaned and recipe ready. Once thawed, you can use them directly for your planned recipes and make a memorable meal. If you are an absolute fan of prawns and their recipes, we can say that you wont be disappointed even a bit. The size, the color, the texture of these all shout out loud that they are extremely fresh.

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vidisha acharya | 2015-11-04 14:41:37 5 reviews

It made my in-house party Instantly Delicious..that to with reasonable rates..!! One of the best products to have in your cart..!!

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